Boxing Ring 16' Mobil

Mobile, no platform boxing ring for gym use with 4x4 m fighting area
Manufacturer: K.O Boxing
$2,748.57 excl tax

16" boxing ring, mobile design without a platform


The 16" no platform mobile boxing ring is very easy to move because of its design, it can be taken apart and set up again quickly. It's an ideal choice for the gym and in cases when a temporary, occasional boxing ring or prize ring is required. Thanks to its parts, which can be dismantled and put together quickly, it's easy to move. The posts of the ring provide strength and stability for the sides.


Parameters of the boxing ring:

• 5x5 m total area

• Steel frame that can be disassembled (without a platform!)

• 4 ropes for a 4x4 m fighting area (in 3 colours, red, blue and white for each corner)

• 16 pcs diameter 45 mm wire rope with plastic coating and hooks

• 16 pcs turnbuckle chain

• 16 pcs turnbuckle lock, 24-30 cm adjustable

• Artificial leather corner cushions: 110 x 35 cm , 1 red, 1 blue, 2 whites

• Diameter of posts Ø100 mm


Custom made boxing rings in the required sizes. Ask for our offer!

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