Boxing Ring 24' 7,32m x 7,32m

6.1x6.1m (inside) competition boxing ring with high platform
SKU: RING-0024
Manufacturer: K.O Boxing
$11,085.71 excl tax

24' competition ring


Our competition ring adheres to the standards of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) in every respect. Its 6.1x6.1 m fighting area provides ideal conditions for organising AIBA boxing events. Its massive poles provide stability for the sides even during the hardest fights. The default height of the competition boxing ring is the standard 90 cm.


Parameters of the competition boxing ring:

• Total area: 7.32 to 7.32 m (90 cm)

• Steel frame that can be disassembled

• Wooden (OSB or plywood) flooring

• 3 flight of stairs

• Floor cover, 2.5 cm, tatami,

• Covering cloth / made of PVC with holes at the seams (blue), textile skirt (black)

• Tightening rubber cable

• 4 ropes for a 6.1x6.1 m fighting area (in 3 colours, red, blue and white for each corner)

• 16 pcs wire rope with plastic coating, 45 mm in diameter with hooks (artificial leather with sponge cover)

• 16 pcs turnbuckle chain with protecting cover, 8 white, 4 blue, 4 red

• 16 pcs turnbuckle lock, 19-30 cm adjustable

• Artificial leather corner cushions: 110 x 35cm , 1 red, 1 blue, 2 whites


Extra charge options:


Hoisting equipment with wheels: 570 EUR + VAT


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